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      If you pay people enough money to look for a cure for cancer they consciously or unconsciously will probably never find a cure because making such a discovery would put them out of work. It logically follows that such people who are paid to look for a cure will never recognize those who have found a cure.
      Hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid in Utah at the Huntsman Cancer Research Institute for scientists to find a cure for cancer; but beyond the borders of Utah the work is hardly known. US News and World Report listed the Huntsman Cancer Institute as number 27 in a list of the top Cancer Hospitals and Cancer Research Centers in the United States. 
      How much more productive it would be to reward those who have made cancer research breakthroughs with a Huntsman Prize for Cancer Discovery.  Offering several one million dollar prizes for Cancer Discovery to deserving individuals each year would cost less and yield better results because every scientist in the world would be looking for a cure, not just those in the cancer business. Instead of paying people to look for a cure, we should reward those who have found answers. Everyone in the world would know about a Huntsman Prize for Cancer Discovery the same as everyone now knows about the Nobel Prize.
      Three individuals who are most deserving of an award for Cancer Discovery are: John Gofman, who revealed a routinely administered and overused major cause of cancer that is twice as carcinogenic per rad as gamma radiation from atomic bombs (see “Cancer and Heart Disease Alert” on the internet); Sydney Ross Singer, who tells women how to lower their risk of breast cancer from 1 in 9 to about 1 in 60 (Go to on the internet and read article number 15.); and Tullio Simoncini, an Italian oncologist who is currently curing nearly every kind of cancer, (see “Tullio Simoncini” on the internet).
      No one paid any of the above for their research and the advice of Gofman and Singer is free. What Simoncini recommends to cure cancer costs only pennies. You probably already have some in your kitchen. You don’t have to buy a book to learn what Simoncini does or go to a clinic in Mexico, Italy or Germany for a cure. The information is on the internet and costs nothing. Contrast this with the cost of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and the billions of dollars paid to find a cure.
      Simoncini is undoubtedly curing many cases of cancer. My neighbor, an attorney who has bladder cancer is being treated at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. When he asked them about Simincini curing cancer with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), their answer was, “He’s right. If you raise the PH you eliminate the cancer but we can’t do that here because it has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.”
      Clinical trials that cost millions of dollars must be done for any cancer treatment to be approved by the FDA. No one will make that kind of investment in a product like baking soda that cannot be patented. And most doctors will not do anything unless it is approved, because they are caught in a system where they must conform. If one person dies after receiving an unapproved treatment, the doctor will be finished.  It does not matter how many people die after receiving treatments that have been approved.

It's a lot safer for doctors to kill their patients with treatments that have been approved than to cure them with treatments that challenge tradition. -- Jane Fagen

Watch a 19 minute video with Doug Kaufmann and Tullio Simoncini here (}
It is interesting to note that Dr. Simoncini’s insights about cancer came as an answer to prayer after agonizing over many cases of childhood cancer.

       Any doctor can cure cancer by following Simoncini’s directions found on the internet. Finding a doctor who will administer the sodium bicarbonate by catheter, intravenously, or by enema to get to the particular kind of cancer is the challenge. For some kinds of cancer you can even do it yourself.
“Human progress has never been achieved with unanimous consent. Those who were enlightened first are compelled to pursue the light in spite of others”. -- Christopher Columbus
For more life-saving information on cancer prevention and cures go to and click on numbers 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16. It is all free and you don’t have to buy a book.

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Even though a cure for cancer has been found, it will take years for it to be recognized. Note how long it took for penicillin to be accepted:
Resistance to New Ideas:  by John W. Gofman 
In the early 1950s, I had a visit in our lab from Professor Sir Howard Florey of Oxford University, a co-winner of the Nobel Award for the discovery of the use of penicillin.  Dr. Florey wanted to arrange to have Dr. Gervase Mills of his staff spend several months in our laboratory to learn ultracentrifuge lipoprotein techniques. 
In commiserating about the resistance to new ideas, Professor Florey said (as nearly as I can recall his words): 
"Let me tell you about a good one...On the wall above my desk is a framed copy of a letter from the Surgeon-General of the U.S. Army during World War Two.  We had offered to share our limited supply of penicillin with the U.S. Army, in appreciation for your country's participation in the  war.  The Surgeon-General's letter was instructing field offices that under no circumstances should  this new stuff called penicillin be used in the treatment of any United States' military casualties!" 
(Penicillin was discovered by Sir Howard Florey and Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928.  The U.S. entered World War Two in 1941.  Fleming and Florey received the Nobel Prize for penicillin in 1945.  It took 17 years before penicillin was widely accepted. It will be no different with a cancer cure.)

50 Billion Dollar Mistake

       Pain medications are a worldwide 50 billion dollar a year mistake because they are all harmful and because pain meds only treat the symptom not the cause.  The physiology and underlying root cause of pain (unknown to western medicine) is broken or suppressed endogenous electrical signals between cells.  When no one knows what pain is, then no one can claim to “heal” pain, only “manage” it. 
       Injury is the most common and obvious reason for the signals to be broken but the connections can fail or be broken for other reasons, dehydration being one of the most common. The pain and the underlying cause of the pain is still the same. When the circuits fail, you can hurt just the same as if you had been hit by a hammer.
       The body heals pain by reconnecting the broken circuits.  If the body cannot reconnect the broken circuits, the pain becomes chronic. Helping this healing process (whether from injury or for other reasons) is the only way to relieve pain without side effects (learn how to do this at It is far more important to know how to reconnect the broken circuits than to know what caused them to fail.
        Some of the side effects of pain medications (prescription and over the counter, narcotic and non-narcotic) that are all harmful and can even be fatal are: Gastro-intestinal bleeding, liver failure, kidney failure, loss of mental function, loss of motor function (the reason why so many old people fall and the reason why so many of them must use walkers or wheelchairs), respiratory suppression, paralyzed bowels, addiction, and death from a heart attack or stroke.  The American Heart Association recently advised that no pain medications should be used because they can all lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Civil Rights in China

During the Olympics a big thing is being made of civil rights in China. Before we cast stones, we need to examine our own record. In the United States today freedom of speech in health matters can be totally denied.  You can be judged, silenced, convicted and fined an exorbitant amount ($112,617 in my case – more than seven times what I actually received for my alleged false claims) without being heard by a judge or a jury and with no presumption of innocence.  No burden of proof was necessary to show that my claims were not true.  When charged you are guilty, period. No matter how much evidence you present, the courts can arbitrarily declare the evidence “unproven.” Last of all they can take part of your social security benefits to pay the fine and stop you from doing what you have done to make a living. (See Medical Dictatorship number 20.2 at .)

In medical matters we have over the years lost our God given constitutional rights – the right of free speech, the right to a trial by jury, and the presumption of innocence before being proven guilty.  Is this still a Promised Land, choice above all others?

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