"Research Medical Participants Wanted"

Meniere's Disease Cure? Free Trial

(Also spelled "Meniers" which is Vertigo, Nausea, and
sometimes Ringing in the Ears.)

I received the following letter from an Anesthesiologist about a possible
cure for Meniere's Disease:

Hi Darrell,

       You sent me some biotape a while ago and I have used it here and
there with varying success. I want to tell you about another situation where
I used it successfully.
       I am plagued with Menieres Syndrome - vertigo and nausea episodes.
After trying everything (I am an MD), in desperation I stuck a short (2 cm)
piece of biotape on my mastoid bone on the affected side and for the first
time in a long time I felt better.
       Another patient, an elderly lady was referred to me by a neurosurgeon
for vertigo and light headedness and he could find nothing wrong with her
after extensive tests and investigations. He had heard about my Menieres
and the tape so he thought this might help her. It did and I have an extremely
grateful patient who has maybe contacted you by now to purchase tape as I
gave her your e-mail address. So the biotape works for this as well !!!


Russell Raath, MD Anesthesiologist

    With  the same treatment and application of Biotape, we have experienced
almost  miraculous relief for Meniere's Disease (on a limited number of
patients). Because we need more people for a study of what could be a
breakthrough treatment of this troubling disease, we are offering a free trial .
    If you send a self addressed legal sized stamped envelope (You can fold the
envelope twice to get it in the envelope you send it in), we will return to you at
no charge, two 6th Generation Biotape Patches to go on the mastoid bone
behind the ears. To apply, remove the white liner, tape the Biotape behind the
ear and leave it on as long as possible.  The patch will stay on in the shower or
bath if you just pat it dry and are careful to not scrub it off.
    If you have the 6th Generation Biotape, you can cut your own patches to fit
the shape of the skin behind the ear where there is no hair.
    We believe the mechanism for relief is: The Biotape patch may help
reconnect the impaired endogenous electrical signals in the inner ear.  All we
ask is that you report the results and let us know if the application of Biotape
mastoid patches behind the ear helps your vertigo, nausea, or ringing.

Report by Email to: [email protected] 

Send envelope for free trial (or just ask with your next order) to:
Pain Research Institute
266 East 3200 North
Provo, UT 84604 U.S. A.

Following are letters from some of the first participants in our study:


When I came to see you about a week ago, I had been suffering from
lightheadedness every time I had a severe headache.  These headaches
occurred about half of the time.  When you put your silver tape on my
mastoid bones behind my ears, I immediately obtained total relief!  I don't
know whether it has helped my headaches, but I have not had a bad
headache in a week and have not been the least bit lightheaded like I had
been.  I am so grateful and so excited about this recovery that I hope you
will be able to get the word out to all those who suffer like I did. 

Thank you so much!!
Bob Houghton, Major USAF (Ret.)
2260 Greens Lane
Spanish Fork UT 84660

Report on patch

Have had the patch on for several weeks now and have experienced no
noticeable vertigo, or nausea. The only complaint is itchiness behind ears, of
which I will never complain, even if the skin rots and falls off under the patch,
in order to maintain this improved state. THANKS

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