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My future book will give you a choice: Cure Pain (and other diseases) for a Dime, or go to medical doctors who manage pain with 50 Billion Dollars worth of drugs sold in the World each year (all of which, according to the American Heart Association, can lead to heart attacks, stroke and death). Freedom of speech allows me to make this claim and present this information only in a book.

By Darrell Stoddard - Copyright 2007
Part 4 of 4  
Dictatorial Judgment of the
Federal Trade Commission
against Darrell Stoddard

•    Purpose (?) of the FTC/FDA
•    New Book -  Cure Pain
•    What You Can Do to Help

Purpose (?) of the FTC and FDA (Why they don't want you to know about Biotape or about my treatments for pain.)
     We are led to believe that the Federal Trade Commission exists to protect the consumer. It also exists to protect medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry.
     The FTC condemns and prosecutes alternative medical practices, and the FDA often overlooks the promotion and use of dangerous drugs. What would happen if 14,100 people reported that a product from the health food store caused them to behave in an unusual manner and that 500 people had attempted to kill themselves after using it? The product would most certainly be removed from the market. Because the product was the drug Prozac, it was not 
       As of June, 1991, 16,899 cases of adverse reactions from the use of Prozac were reported, with over 100 lawsuits filed against Eli Lilly, the manufacturer. Sixteen years later, Prozac is still on the market and has become the most widely prescribed antidepressant in history.
        Chris Wallace of ABC News interviewed Kenneth R. Feather, then acting director of the FDA:
      "How often do you take legal action against a drug company for misleading advertising?"
      Mr. Feather (FDA): "There has not been legal action through the courts since about 1974."
     Wallace: "Fifteen years?"
     Feather: "Yes." 
     Wallace: "You have ...30,000 cases a year of advertising and you haven't taken one case of legal action in 15 years?" 
      Feather: "That's right."  - Primetime Live transcript, ABC News, Show #110, October 15, 1989
       August 15 2007, the FDA issued a 356 page “Caution” on the use of “Cough and Cold Medicines for Children.” The review found that from 1969 through the Fall of 2006, there were 54 reported deaths involving decongestants, and 69 from antihistamines.
      The Caution "recommends" that “common cough and cold medicines never be given to infants or toddlers, and that children under 6 not be given antihistamines.”
       Because of the above, the FDA "proposes" that warnings about the dangers of overdosing children be added to the labels of these widely used over-the-counter medications.     
      Note: When pharmaceutical companies do something that kills children, they are not ordered to stop. Instead the FDA issues cautions, recommendations and proposals. If someone outside of mainstream medicine promotes a product that harms no one, they are "ordered" to stop. This happened to me for selling Biotape that did no harm and helped thousands of people.
        In 1997 the FDA issued a warning (not an order) stating that "an adult dose of Tylenol could cause severe liver damage and even death in a child." For obvious reasons the  severe warning, as stated in the words above, is still not on Tylenol in 2007  Who is the FTC/FDA  protecting?

Book - Cure Pain and Other Disease for a Dime    
      My new book will give you a choice: Cure Pain (and other diseases) for a Dime, or go to medical doctors who manage pain with 50 Billion Dollars worth of drugs each year (all of them harmful).
         In my new book will be pictures and instructions for you to do auricular therapy for many serious health conditions.  The cost of doing this is only pennies for each treatment.
       Patients have reported that the headache points not only stopped their headache but prevented their headaches for up to three years (with one application). (Read about this by going to Then click on number 23)
     The depression points have relieved even suicidal depression. A patient that was on multiple anti-depressants for 25 years, reported that each application of the Auricular seeds completely lifts her depression for three to four years. For more than 12 years she has taken no anti-depressants and does not need them. (Read about this by going to Then click on number 22) Is this not better than Prozac and it costs less than a dime to do?
       The low back pain points have made hundreds of people better that were told spinal surgery was the only thing left that could help them.
    I will present compelling evidence to show that dehydration is the major cause of aging. The answer is not simply drinking more water but getting the cells to hold on to the water you drink. You can drink a gallon or more of water a day and still be severely dehydrated. The thalamus in the brain, and the pituitary gland, tell the kidneys how much water to hold on to.  You will learn how to stimulate these organs for just pennies.
       I will show how to do a ten cent auricular treatment in the ear for vulvodynia and/or low libido. I treated a lady with so much pain in her private parts that at home she wore nothing below the waist; not even silk underwear. Marital relations were impossible. After three tiny seeds were taped on her ear, she reported that the genital pain was gone, and that it did something else. She said, “I was chasing my husband around the yard and all over the house,”  
       I will tell you where to buy an enzyme (90 day supply for $13.55) that I have reason to believe will clean out your arteries as well as EDTA chelation therapy. A man with such poor circulation to his feet that they were going to amputate them, recovered after 6 months of taking the enzyme.
        The new book will have a copy of God's code of health, adhered to by two of the healthiest and best educated classes of people in the world. If you can find a medical doctor today in the United States that indulges in one particular practice that is prohibited, I will send you a free copy of my book. Sixty years ago the practice was recommended by medical doctors in virtually every issue of every magazine printed in America (except the Reader’s Digest that accepted no advertising then).
       I will provide compelling evidence, from everything that is known today about osteoporosis, that the code of health was nearly two centuries ahead of its time, or exactly what it purports to be; a revelation from God himself.
       The one hundred seventy four year old code of health promises that those who abide by it will receive great treasures of knowledge even hidden treasures.  Knowing how to relieve pain for pennies without harm is a priceless hidden treasure.
       I will tell you about an always available free substance that made the development and growth of your body possible; your own perfect medicine which is consumed every day by thousands of the longest living race of people in the world. A man who was not a doctor used this substance in the 1940’s to heal hundreds of people with incurable cancer. There is no question that it could save your life in a time of emergency. When no medicine was available, it was used in Poland during World War 2 to prevent contagious diseases. Pharmaceuticals with sales of more than 30 million dollars a year are made from it. A controversial cancer specialist, who charges nine thousand dollars up front for just the first appointment, uses the substance to treat cancer. I will tell you where to go in China to get the same product for a few hundred dollars from the Chinese doctor that developed it.
        I will show pictures and teach you how to do a simple treatment for macular degeneration that takes only seconds to do, costs only pennies, and that anyone can learn to do. A scientific study of 600 people achieved a 97.6 % cured or improved rate using this treatment. (Read about this by going to Then click on number 24)
        I will tell you how to buy, make or create water that I believe will do more to correct the underlying root cause of pain than all of the drugs in the pharmacy and all of the herbs, vitamins, and minerals in the health food store. The water is used as medicine in hundreds of hospitals in Japan. The right kind of water is as close to the Fountain of Youth as you can get
        I will give a definitive answer to what may be the most important health question ever asked: Why did 60% of the U.S. soldiers killed in Korea, average age 23, have unmistakable signs of coronary artery disease (determined by autopsy) and the Korean and Chinese soldiers that were autopsied have none? Hint: It is not that the Americans ate a high fat diet and lived a sedentary life style, while the Koreans and Chinese ate rice and road bicycles. That explanation is not even close.
    I will reveal what may be a major cause of all degenerative disease that is unknown. It was discovered by a nationally known medical doctor. He died before anyone accepted his theory. We now have compelling evidence that he was probably correct. The application of his theory costs absolutely nothing and anyone can do it. I guarantee you will not find this information anywhere else.
      I will reveal an almost unknown risk factor which shortens the life of men 13.2 years and shortens the life of women 3.5 years. It is based on mortality tables for the entire population of the United States.
         Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (FM/CFS) is a new disease that affects epic numbers of people mostly women. It was virtually unknown 60 years ago. Three products that didn't exist 60 years ago can account for FM/CFS. Two of the products are consumed by nearly every American every day. The third product is consumed in unbelievable quantities; by most Americans. No wonder we have an epidemic of FM/CFS. Patients have reported that eliminating these three products ended their FM/CFS in about two months. It costs nothing to avoid the offending products.
      Would you take something that keeps you from breathing because your breath smells bad, or something that stops you from urinating or having a bowel movement because that doesn't smell good? A majority of Americans put something into their body every day that makes as much sense.
        I will tell you about another product used everyday by virtually every American. It contains an ingredient that doubles the amount of aluminum deposited in the brain. In fact, you can't buy the product without the harmful substance in a grocery or drug store.
        I will tell you how to claim a $20,000 prize if you can find a child with asthma that cannot be cured by simply drinking more water.
      Diets based on restricting calories don't work because they make the body think it is starving to death. When the body thinks it's starving to death, it starts storing calories as fat to prevent starvation even if you eat only 900-1200 calories a day.  Diets, the same as drugs, have disastrous side effects. I will reveal in my new book the one and only diet that does not have bad side effects and that lets you eat all you want. It restricts only one thing (not fats, complex carbohydrates, or protein). It is the only healthy diet that will help you loose weight and it also boosts the immune system.
        You will learn about a “Killer in the Grocery Store” that causes between 72,000 and 228,000 heart attacks and strokes in the U.S. each year. Most people do not know what the killer is. It is in hundreds of products in every grocery store and is in most restaurants. It is the major reason why our 44 year old son had a fatal heart attack and died while jogging.
     Even though the “Killer in the Grocery Store” information is from the Harvard Medical School and based on one of the largest, longest, and most credible medical studies ever done, newspapers and the media are reluctant to publish the research because it exposes widespread, fatal errors in the advice given to us by medical doctors (The “sacred cows” of America).
       Doctors are not keen to provide this information because it reveals how profoundly wrong they have been. The very thing doctors have told us to do for fifty years to prevent heart disease is the very thing that kills ten times or more people each year than the war in Iraq.
    I will tell you how to create Love where there is unkindness, dislike, or hatred (taught to me by a little handicapped girl) - a secret that has eluded the greatest thinkers in history. It can even help to heal the enmity between Moslems, Jews and Christians.
        Last of all, I will tell you how to receive all things with thankfulness, how to be made glorious and have the things of this earth added unto you.
        Until my new book is published, you can still learn many free and inexpensive ways to relieve pain on this web site ( and in my book Pain Free for Life.

What You Can Do to Help
Below are things you can do to save lives and help us in the war against pain:
1.    Do a Google search on the internet to find out where to buy Biotape and then tell others about it.
2.    Send or email your experience (good or bad) using Biotape for pain to: [email protected]  I especially need your story if you were told that you must have spinal surgery (or if Biotape helped your pain after surgery).               
3.    Send a copy of the Judgment Notice against Darrell Stoddard to the senators and congressmen from your state, especially California. (If you ask, we will send copies for you to do this.)
4.    Persuade your newspaper, magazine, radio, or TV station to do a story about pain, or about the judgment against Darrell Stoddard.  We will send a CD of the four documents (so they will not have to set the type) to anyone in the media that will publish a story.
5.    Tell others how to stop pain for ten cents. Search "Stop pain for ten cents" on the internet to learn how.
6.    Write a review of my book Pain Free for Life and send it to
7.    Share your book Pain Free for Life with friends or ask your library or book store to get the book.
8.    Arrange for me to give a lecture (about how to be "Pain Free for Life") at a health food store, to a pain support group, medical organization, civic club, or church gathering. (lecture will include stopping severe pain in people from the audience)
9.    “Chronic pain disables more people than cancer or heart disease and it costs the American people more money than both.”  Pain medications are a Fifty Billion Dollar Medical Mistake. To help communicate this fact, send a self addressed stamped envelope and we will send, free of charge, twenty Fifty Billion Dollar bills. Apply $.58 cents postage and we will send 50 bills.)
10.    Write a letter to your legislators regarding the selective justice of the FTC. Medical doctors and drug companies should be held to the same standards as people outside of mainstream medicine.
11. Tell health care professionals how they can offer Drug-Free Pain Treatments that "Do No Harm." Training
to do this is available from:

Darrell Stoddard,
Founder - Pain Research Institute -
Author – Pain Free for Life

and a future book:

          Cure Pain
And Other Diseases for a Dime

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To find out how to buy Biotape or Biotape products, you will need to do a Google Search on the Internet. I am forbidden by judgment of the FTC to sell any pain product or even tell you where to buy. I will be free to tell you where to buy in my book but I will still not be allowed to sell Biotape or any product for pain

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