Why Can No One
Legally Claim to Heal Pain?

 By Darrell Stoddard - Copyright 2007

•    No One Can Legally Claim to Heal Pain
•    The Physiology of Pain is Unknown to Western Medicine
•    Testable Theory of the Physiology of Pain  
•    Pain Management Definition of Pain 
•    Do Doctors Know the Cause of Pain?
•    No Pain Medications Should be Used
•    Is Biotape More Than a Placebo?

No One Can Legally Claim to Heal Pain
      No one and no product is legally allowed to even claim to heal pain – they can only offer symptomatic relief for minor aches and pain. This is treating the symptom, not the cause, and then it is only for minor pain. What about unending excruciating pain? Can no one heal that? No one, not even MDs, can legally claim to do so.

The Physiology of Pain is Unknown to Western Medicine
      This mind boggling enigma exists because the underlying cause and physiology of chronic pain has never been discovered by Western medicine. If no one knows what pain is, then no one can claim to heal pain. Even medical doctors cannot legally claim to heal or cure pain but must manage the pain instead. I will answer the question of what pain is and tell you how to heal your own pain (without drugs or surgery) even if I go to prison for doing so.
        Benjamin Rush physician, Revolutionary war hero, and signer of the Declaration of Independence stated:
        “Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic.”
        Do we have an undercover medical dictatorship? Years ago in Utah, an Indian medicine man was sent to prison on the testimony of eleven people that claimed he healed them. Not because he failed, but because he healed them. I could go to prison for claiming to heal pain.
Testable Theory of the Physiology of Pain  
      There is a significant difference between myself and other defendants charged with making false and misleading medical claims to relieve pain. I offer a scientifically testable theory for identifying the underlying cause and physiology of pain:
     Pain occurs when the endogenous electrical signals between cells are broken, disconnected, shut off, or suppressed.
        After measuring the electrical resistance at the site of pain on more than 18,000 patients, I unequivocally state that 100% of the time there is more electrical resistance wherever there is pain. If you can reduce the resistance (which is what Biotape does) the pain is relieved with no harm done. When applied to the skin, Biotape becomes, electrically, a living part of the body
        Any electrical conductor such as silver, copper, or the inside of a banana peel applied to the skin will connect the broken circuits on the surface immediately. This often gives almost immediate relief. If you leave the conductive element  on longer, there is reason to believe that it helps repair broken connections deeper in the tissue.
        When you hit your thumb with a hammer, the reason it hurts is because you have broken the electrical connections between cells. It stops hurting when the body reconnects the broken circuits. This is how the body heals pain and the only way we can heal pain, by helping the body to reconnect the broken circuits that are the underlying cause of pain.
        The Chinese call the endogenous electrical signals (that can be measured and quantified) in the body "Qi" or “Chi” and believe that pain is caused by the "breaking" or “blockage of Chi.” This is the foundation of my research to discover the underlying cause and physiology of pain. I am indebted to the 2000 year old Chinese tradition for what I have learned.
        The body knows how to heal itself. When it doesn't heal, is when the electrical signals (Chi) can't get through to tell cells how to repair. Biotape not only connects the broken circuits that cause the pain but it allows for the signal to go through telling the cells how to repair or heal.
        You can find out if this theory will help your own pain for ten cents. You don't need to be a medical doctor or a scientist. You don't need a college degree, or even a grade school education. And you don't need double-blind placebo controlled studies. (See “Stop Pain for Ten Cents” on the internet.)

Pain Management Definition of Pain
        A pitifully vague and wholly inadequate definition of pain, given by pain “management” doctors and subscribed to by most medical doctors, states, “Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of tissue damage”
         This is like saying, 1. Pain is when you hurt. 2. Pain is associated with tissue damage 3. Pain is associated with tissue that is going to be damaged. 4. Pain is described in terms of tissue damage.
        Brilliant,  isn't it? Does anyone not know that pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience? Does anyone not know that when tissue is damaged it causes pain? Can anyone in this world please tell me what “potential tissue damage” is, and how do you explain pain in terms of tissue damage?  The more damage the more pain? Not so, because you can have extensive damage and little pain, or little or no damage and severe pain.
      No wonder medical doctors know of nothing but drugs and surgery for pain. They automatically endorse the above definition of pain without giving it any thought.       
      The first two parts of this definition of pain subscribed to by every doctor of “pain management” are certainly true, “Pain is when you hurt” and “Pain is an indication that your tissue is damaged.” This describes pain but it tells you absolutely nothing about how to treat pain, how the body heals pain, or what pain is. The definition begs the questions, “What is pain” (the actual underlying physiology of pain)? How does the body heal pain? Why do people hurt when they have not been injured (damaged)?  Why does pain continue long after the damaged tissue has healed?”
        Because pain specialists cannot answer these questions and because they do not know the underlying cause of pain, doctors treat the pain signal (symptom) instead with 50 billion dollars of drugs each year (world wide sales of analgesics) – medications that cause gastro-intestinal bleeding, cause liver or kidney failure, reduce motor and mental function, increase the risk of heart attack and strokes, or with narcotics (that addicts kill to get) which paralyze the bowels or cause respiratory suppression, all of which may lead to total loss of function and death.

Do Doctors Know the Cause of Pain?
     If you find it hard to believe that doctors do not know or understand the physiology of pain, the next time you go to any doctor, ask him or her to treat the underlying cause of your pain, not just suppress the pain signal with drugs.
       If you do ask, the doctor may say that inflammation is the cause of pain; so they prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication. There is something seriously wrong with this. It is an indisputable biological fact that inflammation is a vital function of the healing process. Most injuries cannot heal without inflammation. Should you take something or be given something that is anti healing?  Inflammation is a symptom not a cause. The answer is to correct what causes the inflammation and then let the inflammation heal the injury.
       Pain is most often called a symptom, and that is what virtually all medical doctors think it is; so it is treated as a symptom with medications that do harm. If modern medicine ever learns what pain is, then pain will be treated as a disease (instead of a symptom) with methods that “do no harm.”  Then it will be possible for doctors to live up to their Hippocratic Oath.
      A surgeon might tell you that your pain is caused by a pinched nerve from a herniated disk (or from stenosis or from arthritic spurs) which is the justification for mostll spinal surgery. If pinched nerves are the cause of pain, then surgically “un-pinching” the nerve would stop the pain. The problem is, too often it doesn't do so. People can be in more pain after surgery when the nerve is not pinched than they were before.
     Decompression back surgery fails often enough and the results are so devastating that we question if the practice should even be done, and if the theory is even true. You can have a herniated disk (pinched nerve) and no pain.  You can also have excruciating back pain when the nerve is not pinched. The definition of pain that I have given explains this; modern medicine cannot.
      See Spinal Surgery is Unproven in article 5.4 at www.healpain.net for some of the leading authorities in the world who say “spinal surgery for pain should never be done” and scientific research that concludes “back surgery is helpful only 1% of the time.” Also see the book Pain Free for Life to learn why scar tissue, arthritis and “bone on bone” due to worn out cartilage, cannot possibly be the cause of pain either.
       A Canadian professor of medicine, with 13 letters behind his name, did a 138 page study for the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia. The upshot of the study was that it was a serious waste of Canadian resources to look for the cause of pain with costly imaging devices and expensive medical tests, because the cause of chronic pain was just not going to be found. He cited a Mayo Clinic study which found that the search for the cause of chronic pain was unsuccessful 94% of the time.  
      We assume that 6% of the time (when they claimed to find the cause of pain) they discovered a broken bone, herniated disk, tumor, or some other pathology.  Even then the question remains unanswered, "Why do people hurt when they have not been injured and there is no underlying pathology?"  My definition of pain explains this; modern does not
        Until the physiology and underlying cause of chronic pain is known, we will continue to treat the pain signal or symptom with 50 billion dollars worth of drugs a year (world wide sale of analgesics) that are all harmful annd that only mask or cover up the pain.

“No Pain Medications Should Be Used”
      Elliott Antman, MD, from the Cardiovascular Division of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, recently made a statement for the American Heart Association stating that no pain medications should be used, because all of them (over the counter and prescription) can increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke.
      Pain medications kill thousands more each year than the war in Iraq. It is estimated that Vioxx alone killed from 26,000 to 55,600 people.
Biotape for Pain, Is it More Than a Placebo?
        Biotape may be no more than a placebo. I cannot say for sure because the FTC complaint against me made it impossible to do a double-blind placebo controlled study. Two things lead me to believe that Biotape is more than a placebo and that Biotape does in fact correct the underlying cause of pain:
        First:  Thousands of chronic pain patients have been helped after countless years of going to numerous doctors and pain specialists and trying everything. Why did nothing or no one else have a placebo effect? Why was Biotape the first placebo to work?
       Second:  The percentage of people helped is greater than what could be attributed to the “placebo effect.” It is a scientific medical fact that thirty, and even as high as forty percent of people will be helped by a sugar or starch pill (placebo) if they really believe it is going to help them.                                    
        Australian national television filmed me treating sixteen chronic pain patients. One hundred percent were helped! Dennis Remington, M.D. for 13 years oversaw more than 12,000 of my treatments for pain. He concluded that overall my treatments were successful 80% of the time. I’ve learned to help even a higher percentage of people since then.
      This is still not conclusive evidence and Darrell Stoddard may be the best placebo in the world, but if anyone will provide ten patients who are scheduled for spinal surgery, I will make five or more of them better with one or two treatments. In my own mind I believe I can make nine of them better (if they are properly hydrated and not on too much pain medication).
Darrell Stoddard,
Founder - Pain Research Institute www.healpain.net
Author – Pain Free for Life

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