"Drugs That Help Tinnitus"

Many Otolaryngologists (Ear Nose and Throat Specialists) reported
that the following was the only drug ever to help Tinnitus (ringing,
buzzing, clicking or roaring in the ears).  Then the FDA pulled the
prescription medication from the market saying that it did not make
sense to combine the two ingredients. What were the ingredients? -
Dramamine and Niacin, both available over the counter without a

Dosing is important so we give the following recommendation for
"drugs that help tinnitus":  Take the dosage of Dramamine
recommended on the package - 1 pill every 4-6 hours with a 100mg
niacin pill. If you do not get a niacin flush increase the niacin dose
to 150mg    (1-1/2 pills) with the next Dramamine dose 4-6 hours
later.  Adjust the   niacin dose up or down each time until you
determine the niacin flush threshold.   That is the amount of
Niacin to take with the Dramamine every  4-6 hours for tinnitus
relief, and hopefully a tinnitus cure.

Note: Niacin is a vasodialator (expands the blood vessels in the
skin) causing increased blood flow. This makes the skin feel warm
which is refered to as a "niacin flush." A niacin flush is not in any
way harmful but some people would say it is uncomfortable or just
a mild irritation compared to incessant ringing in the ears.

If there is vertigo or dizziness with the ringing in the ears, it is
called  Menieres Disease.  See No 27 "Menieres Disease Cures"
on this website.