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Depression Treatment

To Whom It May Concern,

I have had a history of depression for thirty years, and was finally diagnosed about twenty five years ago.  As this will probably be read by only those who suffer from the same condition, I don't need to describe the anguish and debilitation this causes.

I was treated with Lithium by a Psychiatrist and later Xanax, Prozac, Deseril and others.  Medical professionals had informed me that I would require medication for the rest of my life.  About eight years ago, even with doubling the dosage, the depression was unmanageable.  At that time, a good friend told me about Darrell Stoddard.  He told me Mr. Stoddard had made it possible for him to walk without pain.  My friend is a very intelligent man and I trusted his judgment.

So, with an open mind I called for an appointment and met with him within days.  I marvel at his training, talent, knowledge, and capabilities.  He has helped hundreds or thousands of people and I am but one of the very grateful.

After his treatment and auricular therapy I asked Mr. Stoddard if I should continue taking my medication.  He replied, "I wouldn't."  I followed his instruction.

I have been medication free since that day.  In the last eight years I have had two additional treatments.  His help for the terrible condition of depression was and is enormous.  I am very grateful to him.  I would not have thought it possible------but it is!

Joan Drage             Dec. 1, 2000

Editors note: Hundreds of patients have reported similar results and could write the same letter.  Joan Drage returned Oct. 28, 2004 for another treatment. She reported that "each Auricular treatment for depression has lasted about 3 years," and she hasn't required any medication since our first visit.

I wish I could help everyone in the world who suffers with depression. My treatments have saved at least two people and probably a third who would have taken their life.  I feel very deeply about depression. My boyhood hero and one of the most influential people in my life and two of his brothers all committed suicide when they were older. For these reasons, I welcome the opportunity to teach others (free of charge) how to treat depression without drugs -- ds

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