To A Mastectomy Patient
How like a bird
With a broken wing

Had you not fallen 
You could soar above 
the blackened clouds
And learn this secret hid Till man could fly

That on the other side 
Of darkest gloom
Still shines the sun
And whiteness 
As the softest down

Thunder storms 
With Lightening bolts 
That spawn the whirling winds
Which tear and twist
all matter down below

Above are things of beauty
Soaring up
White billowing splendor
Even to 60,000 feet
I'd show you, 
if we could fly

Is the measure of you creation
To be alone on Earth?
Do you remember heaven?
Do you remember birth?

Was it meant for you to fall?
Aren't you supposed to fly?
How can you still be happy?
Why is it that you sing?

My precious little bird 
With a painful broken wing

Had you not fallen
I could not touch your softness
Or feel your beating heart
But only watch you from afar

Admire, revere, and marvel
At the beauty of your flight
But never hold and cherish, embrace and serve, or love

-- Darrell Stoddard  
copyright  1996


Is there is a Better Way to Detect Breast Cancer?

by Darrell Stoddard,     copyright 2000

       It may interest those concerned with breast cancer to know that there is another method for detecting breast cancer (not thermography) that is as good or better than mammography. 
      In a controlled blind study of 700 high risk patients performed 14 years ago by the University of Miami School of Medicine, it was found that scanning the breast with infrared light and an infrared camera was at least or more sensitive and specific than mammography ("Infrared Light Scanning of the Breast" The American Surgeon, March 1986, Vol. 52, No. 3). 
      Infrared breast cancer detection does not subject the patient to ionizing radiation (X-rays).  In a new (1999) 799 page study, John Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., whose medical and scientific credentials fill five pages, states "Between 83 percent and 90 percent of all breast cancer can be attributed to medical radiation."  see: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/CNR/RMP/. 
      Because the infrared scanning method to detect breast cancer does not use X-rays, it could be  repeated every month in high risk women.  Mammography can not be done that often because of the radiation.  Even though the advocates of mammography do not like to admit it, many women developed breast cancer that grew fast enough between mammograms to require a mastectomy. 
      All of the cancers found by examination and by mammography in the 700 women were found by Infrared light scanning of the breast. The I.L.S. method also detected three cancers that were missed by mammography. This was not statistically significant but very significant for those three women.
      Infrared scanning to detect breast cancer is not widely available. Why then is this safe and better method of detecting breast cancer not being utilized? 
       It is human nature to resist change. The wheels turn ponderously slow.  Many new medical  technologies are not accepted until a whole generation of doctors (who are trained one way) are replaced by new doctors with different training.  There is also the element of "protecting ones turf."  Oncologists and Radiologists, who are the cancer experts, will not easily yield their domain to an instrument that uses no radiation (which could be used by doctors with different medical training).  Doctors who are not radiologists also do not want the liability of mis-diagnosing something that might turn out to be malignant.  Last, it is a question of medical economics -  expensive  mammography  instruments must be paid for even though infrared breast scanning systems cost less.  For these reasons women are not getting what is best for them. 
        I called on a doctor reputed to be one of the leading breast cancer experts in the United States.  When I told him there may be a better way to detect breast cancer than mammography, he replied, "That's bull shit!"  I showed him a copy of the Infrared Light Scanning of the Breast study and told him it was a blind study of 700 high risk women done in a U.S. medical school and published in an AMA Journal.  He then repeated, "It's still bull shit," and made it clear that this was the end of the conversation.  So much for new cancer discoveries being accepted.
       Even though there is a better way to detect breast cancer, it is infinitely more important to prevent the disease than detect it.  Thanks to John Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., (book Preventing Breast Cancer http://www.ratical.com/radiation /cnr/pbc/indexT.html) and Singer and Grismaijer, (book Dressed to Kill, The link Between Bra-Wearing and Breast Cancer),  I believe we now know how to prevent much if not most breast cancer.  Like the infrared study, these discoveries are also being rejected or covered up. 
       I will send a reprint of the "Infrared Light Scanning of the Breast" cancer study, and a review of the above books, to anyone who sends three dollars (for postage and copying) to: 

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